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Easy Changes For An Awesome Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving isn't always sustainable. But it can be more so with some easy tips:

In decorating, be intentional in your choices and choosing quality over quantity. 

Reuse loved pieces in a way that still feels festive and creates an environment for celebration and connection.

If you need to buy new things for your holiday, consider shopping with indigenous-owned brands or artisans.

Instead of buying Thanksgiving-themed tchotchkes to adorn your home, consider using gifts from the outdoors.

Use edible gourds and pumpkins [as decorations], and then roast them up with your leftovers a few days later.

Candles use a larger carbon footprint than other choices, so use 100 percent beeswax versions if you really want to use candles. 

This is the time to break out the family silver and fine china. It’s much more sustainable and meaningful.

Use washable linens.

Compost scraps.

Recycle glass, aluminum, plastic, and paper that didn’t touch any food.

(The Spruce)

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