Theresa's Weekend Diary 4.26.21

Another laid-back kind of weekend that I got to spend with the fam - I love it!

Something I decided to continue doing since March of last year, is to experience something new at least once a month. Sometimes this goal spreads into trying something new every week and well, this is what came my way over this past weekend ... I baked homemade banana bread for the first time ever! Now that I see how easy it is and that I basically have all the ingredients in my pantry at any given time, I need to do this more often! I didn't burn it, which was a big deal for me and my lack of culinary skills LOL Next time I'm definitely using more bananas though and maybe adding in walnuts!

I always manage to carve out a little time for "me" by making greeting cards on the weekends. Here's a card I made for my father-in-law, complete with the use of the 500 sets of googly eyes I ordered off of Amazon - ha!

Whenever I'm in a funk or feel out-of-sorts, music is always the answer to get me back to feeling good. This weekend for whatever the reason I caught myself a bit exhausted with work stuff and dealing with life-stuff, so I broke out the first Beatle album I ever owned. It was handed down to me from oldest brother George when I was around 7 years old! I could have actually played the vinyl on a player my nephew gifted to me, but instead I listened to the digital album while I held the album in my hand and read the liner notes, just like we all used to do before CDs, cassettes or downloads even existed. It felt GREAT!

I'm sure a lot of us woke up a couple days ago during our winter-like weather to find droopy flowers in our yard. It bummed me out knowing that they might not spring back, but alas, our tulips survived just fine! Here's a "morning after the below freezing temps" pic next to how beautifully these blossoms bounced back - whew!

Warmer weather is headed our way this week - woo hoooo! Can hardly wait to get back to walks with my Mom :-) It's wonderful that we both like to look at nature or discover different scenery perspectives from near our homes. Yes, we take binoculars :-) Check out what we spotted in a tree in the neighborhood next to ours. The squirrels near our yards are brown so it was kind of neat to see a black squirrel up in his tree.