Cleaning Tips

It's winter, in the midst of a pandemic, and many of us are still stuck at home. It's the perfect time to tackle a few cleaning projects. Reader's Digest wants you to know these very important cleaning tips:

  • Dusting surfaces with a dry rag. Put down the duster, or anything that resembles it, especially a dry rag. While dusting your fan may leave it looking pearly white, that dust doesn’t just disappear into thin air! Your best bet is to wet a rag, which will pick up dust more effectively.
  • Sure, you know about washing your pillowcases weekly, but what about your actual pillows? Most pillows have a tag giving laundering instructions, yet very few people follow through with doing so. Your pillow is subject to dust mites, body oils, and bacteria from your saliva, which is why you should stick it in the washing machine every three to six months. 
  • You know to do the big stuff: vacuuming, mopping, wiping away dust. But there are some items in your house that you may have never cleaned, yet harbor a major amount of bacteria. Light switches and remote controls are two highly overlooked housekeeping areas.

photo credit: Getty Images