Vintage Toys That Are Worth A Fortune Now

I can remember when the Sears catalog would come in the mail when I was a kid and my Mom would let me go through and dog-ear or circle the things to add to my Christmas wish list. Those were the days! A few of those toys I dared to wish for. How about a Lite-Brite? Or a Sit ‘n Spin? Some of the toys you had as a kid could bring you money if you still have them and can bring yourself to part with them.

Lite Brite original price: $9.97

Lite Brite potential earning on Amazon now: $130 to $150

Socker Boppers original price: $10

Socker Boppers potential earning on Amazon now: $90

Nerf Turbo Screamer original price: $12

Nerf Turbo Screamer potential earning on Amazon now: $100

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photo credit: Getty Images

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