Instantly Make A Good Impression

You Have 27 Seconds. No Pressure.

A new study discovered you have only 27 seconds to make a good first impression. 70% of us say we make a first impression of someone even before they speak. How? We look at several things even before they say a word.

Here are the top contributors to making a good impression.

Smile -- 53%

Polite -- 53%

Well spoken -- 49%

Eye contact -- 49%

Good listener -- 48%

Smells nice -- 46%

Holds conversation well -- 46%

Body language -- 44%

Tone of voice -- 44%

Well dressed -- 42%

So that's helpful in making a good impression. But what makes a bad impression? If you're looking to NOT impress, make sure you:

Smell bad

Are arrogant

Poorly dressed


photo credit: Getty Images