Stay Mosquito-Free For Days

I can remember my Mom passing this knowledge about mosquito repellent from yeeeears ago. I believe she heard it on the Paul Harvey radio show. And I'm all about using natural things that won't hurt plants when we're enjoying some outside-time at home.

Here are the simple ingredients:

3 cans of cheap flat beer. The cans should be opened a day before mixing and you may need to hide them from certain family members so they remain untouched  LOL

3 cups Epsom salt

1 large bottle of blue mouthwash (no particular brand was noted just color) 


1. Mix ingredients in 1 gallon sprayer container until salt is dissolved.

2. Spray on bushes, deck, porch, patio, grass - wherever you want to sit outside. I'm going to spray it around our fire pit (BEFORE THERE IS A LIT FIRE obviously). 

We're taking some with us when we camp too. It would also be great to spray around a kids’ playground.

This mosquito repellent can last as long as 80 days before it needs to be reapplied unless it rains quite a lot.

photo credit: Getty Images