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New Home, Bangs, And Conspiracy Theories

Saying Goodbye and Getting THAT Flu

Sisanie kicks off the episode today with saying goodbye and sharing sweet stories about local entertainment news reporter, Sam Rubin, who passed away last week. Then, she shares the story of the kind of flu you do NOT want to get... after she just had it for almost a week. And she and Erica discuss the super power of moms, how it take an army, and of course the Vanderpump Rules season finale!

Twins Turning 6, Postpartum and Reality TV

On today's episode, Sisanie reflects on her postpartum experience with the twins as opposed to with her youngest, a singleton! Of course this all is in preparation for the twins turning SIX this week, and due to a conversation about the Bravo TV show - The Valley. Sisanie and Erica also talk about the tour of SoCal Sisanie did last week, and about wedding season! 

Coachella, Kids' Parties, and Caitlin Clark

Sisanie gives a recap of her 10 hours at Coachella, including whether or not she saw Taylor Swift with her own eyes?! Then, she and Erica discuss kids birthday party favors - and Sisanie has a great idea for parents. Plus, the pair discuss Caitlin Clark, SNL, and Sisanie's day of bringing her youngest to work!

Birthday Weekend, iHeartRadio Music Awards, and Digital Dating

Sisanie reveals how she is feeling after turning 40 - and it is a refreshing take! She then gives a detailed recap of her birthday weekend in Las Vegas with all of her closest friends, gives an inside look at her night at the iHeartRadio Music Awards and then she and Erica debate if "digital dates" are ruining dating. Plus, the pair talks The Valley, Vanderpump Villa and other new shows!

BIRTHDAY WEEK, Bottle Night and Kate Middleton

Sisanie is gearing up for a BIG BIRTHDAY this weekend and shares the plans she has to ring in a new decade! Plus she shares how old she really feels, discusses the "bottle night" trend she tried with her husband Michael and of course she and Erica discuss some of the biggest news stories of the week from Kate Middleton to momfluencers. 

Madonna, Oscars, and Sleep *Unders*

This week Sisanie is recapping her staycation, early birthday weekend with her sister seeing MADONNA!!! Then she and Erica recap the biggest moments of the Oscars, AND details what on earth is going on with Kate Middleton. Finally, Sisanie shares a real fear parents face: sleep overs. We hope you have an amazing week!

A Gut Cleanse, Being on Reality TV, and HOT Concerts

This week Sisanie is on a GUT CLEANSE... and if you're wondeirng what on earth a gut cleanse is - so was Erica. Sisanie also talks about getting her puppy Diego into show business, and the pair wonder if they could handle being on reality TV. Plus, Erica reveals the event she went to that everyone should attend, and Sisanie debates what to wear to the winter's hottest concert - literally.

Cycling at Sisanie's?

In today's episode, Sisanie shows off her new fitness gadget that she is VERY excited about! Plus, she and Erica talk about a puppy Diego update, the latest season of Vanderpump Rules, working out while at work and the best rom com of our generation.

Welcome Home... Diego!!

Sisanie, Michael and the kids have brought home a new family member - and it all happened so fast!!! Sisanie shares the love-at-first-sight moment they had with Diego and how they knew he had to come home with them to be a part of the family. Plus, tips for anyone making this decision in their lives right now and inside scoop of getting to surprise the kids with their new family member!