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We Have To Talk About This Portal Connecting the United States and Ireland!

Video "Portal" Between New York And Dublin Shut Down After Lewd Behavior

Photo: Spencer Platt / Getty Images News / Getty Images

OK, you may have seen that there is a video portal set up in New York…24/7 live streaming and connected to a similar portal in Dublin, Ireland.

It’s back up and running again after being shut down for a few days last week because some people can’t behave.

It’s meant to have playful interactions between people separated by 3,000 miles but some people just don’t know how to act and nudity became an issue.

Now, the vast majority of interactions had been positive… with families and friends uniting, dance moves being shared, as well as new friendships being made. There was

even a successful marriage proposal.

The portal offers a window to other cities and is connecting people and cultures in a unique manner.

Let’s get one of these for LA!!! Where would we put it? Hollywood Boulevard? Third Street Promenade?

But the big question is: Would Angelenos be respectful?

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