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Apps And Businesses Might Be Scamming You For A Bigger Tip!

Unrecognizable coffee shop customer using tip jar

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You know when you buy something either through an app or in a store and it gives you an option to leave a tip…

Great right? Because it does the math for you on what 20% or 22% is.

I never think about it…I just click the button and add the tip…UNTIL NOW!

I came across a TikTok that shows certain apps and certain businesses…don’t add up the tip correctly.

So, you think you’re leaving 20% but it’s really 25% and the extra dollars are sometimes so unnoticeable.

EXAMPLE: If your bill was $27… a 20% tip should be $5.40 and this specific app is saying it’s $8.30

So, now I’m rechecking the work and making sure I’m not getting scammed! These dollars add up!!!

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