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A Clothing Store in Downtown LA Streams Live On TikTok All Day!

Woman Handing Dress To Clothing Store Cashier

Photo: Tom Werner / DigitalVision / Getty Images

How would you feel about being filmed for TikTok as soon as you entered a clothing store? At Elegant Fashion on 11th and Maple in the Fashion District, you are always live.

The store streams live on TikTok every day from open to close, with signs everywhere saying "Smile you're on camera."

The store owner says they wanted people to feel more comfortable before coming to shop there. They get to see how the employees interact with customers and what styles they have.

But also, one of the main reasons they do it is because interactions with rude customers were becoming more common.

So far, their live TikToks have been successful, with one of their videos receiving 17,000 likes.

And in case you’re wondering… don’t worry, no cameras in the dressing rooms.

How do we feel about being streamed while shopping? Surveillance is one thing, but this is on the internet!

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