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Hiring A Color Stylist To Do Your Color Analysis Is The New Fashion Trend!

Mother and daughter shopping in clothes shop

Photo: Peter Cade / Stone / Getty Images

Do you know what your color is? Chances are, you don’t.

Hiring a color stylist to do your color analysis is all the rage right now and it’s all over social.

People are paying color experts to tell them which colors they look best in…and which make you look worse.

You can either see these stylists in person or send them photos of you.

They determine your undertone (warm, cold) and season (winter, spring, summer or autumn)

The majority of us tend to mostly wear black because we don’t even know where to begin with color…

Do you ever get asked "why you look so tired?" even though you are well-rested or notice certain colors make you look sick and worn out?

Apparently, getting your colors done will flatter your natural essence.

I know my birthday just passed…and it’s a little early for the holidays…but if either you are looking to get me a gift…this is it.

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