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“Sorry Boss, You Can't Call Me Past 5PM" May Be Reality Here In California!

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I don’t know how this could work for a job like ours or doctors who are basically on call 24/7. But, California could become the first state in the country to give workers a “right to disconnect” under a new bill.

It was introduced this week and would guarantee workers the ability to have uninterrupted personal and family time.

Meaning… yes, disconnect and go dark from emails, texts and calls during non-work hours.

Work has changed drastically compared to just 10 years ago. Smartphones have blurred the boundaries between work and home life.

Workers shouldn’t be punished for not being available 24/7 if they’re not being paid for 24 hours of work!

With the proposed changes, both public and private employees would be allowed to ignore communications when they are off the clock.

How do we feel about this????

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