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Jerry O'Connell Has Given Me The Best Idea For My Kids Sports Games!

four girls [8] on the bench at soccer game

Photo: Stephen Simpson / Stone / Getty Images

It was a big weekend for women’s sports this weekend with the NCAA championship (South Carolina beat Caitlin Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes to finish the season 38-0, btw)

But it’s a local youth volleyball team in Thousand Oaks that made some headlines this weekend and basically because of Jerry O’Connell’s hilarious commentary!

Jerry O’Connell…you know him from Stand by Me…Jerry Maguire…Crossing Jordan…he is currently on “the Talk” and hosts the game show version of Pictionary…

· Anyway, his daughter plays for Los Angeles Volleyball Academy West and instead of being a parent that just sits back and watches he decided to document the game for social.

I cannot wait for my kids to get older so I can embarrass them like this.

He even responded to my comment asking when I’m going to get my kids out there… and he’s a fellow Vanderpump Rules fan, so that just makes him even cooler!

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