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An AI Feature That Finally Seems Useful!

Two Womem Looking At Smartphone While Clothes Shopping

Photo: Tom Werner / DigitalVision / Getty Images

If you love to online shop, and who doesn’t… this new google AI feature may be a game changer.

The next time you shop on Google, you might see a tag that says “Virtual try-on.”

This is an AI feature lets you visualize what clothes might look like on a model that matches your body type.

They actually have over 80 different models of different skin tones, body shapes, ethnicities.

So for decades, you find a dress or top or complete outfit online, but the picture of the model wearing the clothes looks nothing like your body type… until nowwwwww.

You essentially can now find a model that resembles you and really see how that dress would look on a body like yours.

… How it drapes, how it stretches, how it wrinkles, how it folds.

I have yet to see this as an option while shopping but I am SO HERE FOR IT!

It’s a better online shopping experience and the hope is fewer returns!

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