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Are We Ready For This New Augmented Virtual Reality World?


Photo: ANGELA WEISS / AFP / Getty Images

Apple has launched its newest product, The Vision Pro, a virtual reality headset. It became available in Apple stores last Friday.

This is Apple’s first new product in seven years…and it’s a whole new way of navigating through life and I’m not sure we are ready for it!

For starters, the price is crazy… $3500-$4k!

Obviously, this is not the first VR set out their but because it’s Apple…everyone is talking about it this week! When Apple puts something new out…it’s usually a game changer!

The videos I’ve seen of people using these, walking around the city… and typing in midair are WILD.

The headsets are very clunky and big, but you know they will only get smaller as the years go by and eventually, they will prob just look like regular glasses.

Are we all eventually going to be communicating and walking around life with these things on???

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