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Have You Heard Of Charm School For Employees??

Secretive Business Colleagues Whispering In The Office

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Maybe it’s the pandemic to blame or maybe it’s just the difference in generations…

But apparently, workers are a little rusty with in-person conduct now that they’re back in the office. So companies are sending employees to etiquette classes.

Co-workers are too loud at their desks. People are on their phones during meetings. Shaking hands is no longer a given. Small talk at networking events is...awkward.

Topics include: professionalism in the office and on Zoom; proper dress code, and how to act during a business lunch.

There was a notice here at our company about dress code just last month. I guess some salespeople were coming in sweats and needed to be checked! HAHA!

Also, people have been putting fish in the microwave…and someone had to put up a note.

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