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Cafes And Restaurants Are Banning Influencers...

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We live in LA so, it’s very “normal” to see influencers at every café, on the sidewalks, middle of the streets and at restaurants capturing their content. [PERSONAL STORY]

But some spots are BANNING influencers!

These are mostly cafes and restaurants asking visitors to only taking "quick snaps" at their own tables. And no photos-and-videos elsewhere! And definitely no dances…no vlogging…no tripods…no ring lights…and definitely no recreating memes.

YIKES, seems kinda steep!

A few years back, a cafe in Taiwan "strictly banned" influencers, frustrated by Instagrammers going to great lengths to obtain their perfect shot within the store.

For some, banning content creators in 2023 seems like an interesting choice. I don’t think this would ever fly in LA… they wouldn’t have any more customers!

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