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Have You Heard About The Son Who Went Viral For Dressing Up As His Mom?

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A young man has captured the attention of millions on TikTok by successfully mimicking his mom's appearance.

Shout out to Jiovanni Herrera who’s 21 and recently went viral for dressing up as his mom Monique who’s 41.

Whyyyyy??? Just to see if he could do it! Just to see if he could use her ID!

So he threw on a wig and some of his mom’s clothing — including a pair of skinny jeans, a maroon sweatshirt and some stylish accessories — before strutting his stuff!

He was able to fool a store clerk with his costume.

Then he fooled a waiter at a restaurant into believing they were the same person.

The waiter was eventually let in on the plank and he told him and his mom… wait, “You guys look alike!”

Obviously using someone’s identity is against the law so I wouldn’t recommend it but the resemblance was crazy and the fact that it worked! YIKES!

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