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Doctors Reveal Things They Would Never Do While Driving!

Road rage!

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We all know that texting and driving is the number one thing not to do while driving BUT here are some other things that could be harmful! Doctors were asked about things they would never do while driving and these are what they said!

They would never:

Put feet up on the dashboard – Doctors say that if there was a collision, you would face serious injuries to your lower extremities, which would be life-changing, such as broken bones, dislocations, which may require amputations or loss of limbs! That's crazy because I know so many people who do this!

Wear a claw clip – Wearing a claw clip on the back of your head and being in an accident can cause damage to your scalp and could possibly cause a traumatic brain injury by the object being embedded into the back of your head. I will not be wearing a claw clip in the car anymore.

Hold pets in the front seat – They are distracting but also don’t have the proper protection so there’s a risk of fatal trauma to most pets if an accident occurs or even just slamming on the breaks! So get your dog a doggy seat/seatbelt and everyone will be better protected.

Decorate the steering wheel – Having decorations on the steering wheel can be pushed into your face and other passengers. The rhinestones or jewels on a steering wheel or steering wheel cover can cause harm if there's an accident.

Tanya and I use to have the fun steering wheel covers when we were younger but be careful of the bejeweled ones!

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