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The First Social-Media Babies Are Grown Up And They're Horrified!

Close-Up Of Crying Baby Girl Against Gray Background

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How would you feel if millions of people watched your childhood tantrums? Or potty-training struggles

I know I have videos of me crying as a kid or pics in the bathtub, but the difference is that mine are on VHS tapes at my parent’s house.

The children of the Facebook era which began in about 2006, are growing up, preparing to enter the workforce, and facing the consequences of their parents’ social-media use.

There are parents that shared every embarrassing detail about their kids’ lives so now these adults are freaking out because their digital footprint is out there and they had nothing to do with it!

I pretty much am an open book with my life and kids on the radio and online but I have always made it a point to never post a video or pic of them that I would find embarrassing…if it were of me.

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