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There's A New Dating Trend You Should Be Aware Of!

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If there was ever a toxic dating trend, it has to be ghostlighting.

As if being dumped isn’t bad enough… to have it done this way, has to feel awful!

So what it is???? Ghostlighting blends gaslighting and ghosting.

Ghosting: completely disappearing after building a romantic connection with someone without explanation.

Gaslighting: when someone twists what someone thinks and feels to make them feel delusional.

Ghostlighting is about disappearing and then denying it.

TOXIC, TOXIC, TOXIC! They become completely unavailable and ignore all communication with someone they were once romantically interested in.

When they are confronted, the ghostlighter makes the partner feel, as if they’re making it all up and deny the fact that they ever ghosted… so harsh!

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