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Have You Heard About These Food Dumps On TikTok??

Baked Nachos Tortilla Chips with Salsa, Minced Meat and Jalapenos

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So, these Food Table Dumps are all over TikTok and I don’t know how I feel about them?

Basically… pick your favorite food. Nachos, spaghetti, chicken & rice etc and dump it all over a table. NO platters, no plates…just put Saran Wrap or something over the table and DUMP IT!!

People are loving this! Imagine a bunch of spaghetti all over the table. Almost like you’d do for a crawfish boil with the newspapers in the backyard!

This is the trend taking over the TikTok… Are you here for it? Would you eat this food if you went to a party and it slopped all over a table like this??? Everyone just is given a fork and a napkin and told to have at it?

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