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You Should Be Washing Your Reusable Water Bottles Every Day! Here's Why!

Man fills up reusable water bottle in the kitchen

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How often do you clean your water bottles!?? You should be washing them all the time!!!!

Because it turns out they are super dirty! Reusable bottles can harbor 40,000 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat!!!

This is crazy!

Researchers swabbed parts of different water bottle three times each – including the spout lid, straw lid and squeeze-top lid – and found two types of bacteria present: Gram-negative rods and bacillus.

Gram-negative bacteria can cause infections that are increasingly resistant to antibiotics – while certain types of bacillus can result in stomach issues.

They contain twice the germs as the kitchen sink…

They can harbor 4x of bacteria as a computer mouse

and 14x more than a pet’s drinking bowl… YUCK!!!!

Experts recommend washing your water bottles at least once a day with HOT soapy water!!!

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