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Would You Try This Miley Cyrus "Flowers" Themed Drink?

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You can now buy yourself a Miley Cyrus "Flowers" Inspired Drink At Starbucks!

Miley Cyrus's 8th album 'Endless Summer Vacation' was released on March 10th and we are now in the Endless Summer Vacation era!

The idea for the “Flowers” drink from Starbucks actually comes from TikToker @lyellgirl, who requested a drink inspired by the song from her barista!

She asked the barista to come up with a beverage to match the song's vibe!

  • They wanted a drink that was “refreshing” and featured “bright colors” like you would find in a bouquet of flowers you bought yourself.
  • The drink result was a "blended paradise drink with strawberry puree, and topped with strawberry inclusions.
  • A traditional paradise refresher includes freeze-dried pineapple ice and coconut milk.

While you won’t find this secret Starbucks drink on the menu, you can easily order it on the Starbucks app or in store.

  • To start, ask your barista for a grande Paradise Drink.
  • The paradise is one of Starbucks’ refreshers and comes with a scoop of freeze dried pineapple ice with coconut milk.
  • If you’re ordering off the app, it’ll be under the “cold drinks” category.
  • The barista specifically said it was a blended version, so be sure to specify that. They also added some strawberry puree to the mix, and topped off the drink with strawberry inclusion.
  • While the Paradise Drink is normally $5 to $6 by itself, it’s more like $7 to $9 with all the customizations.

This drink definitely sounds refreshing like an "endless summer vacation" drink!

Will you try it?

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