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Have You Heard Of "Boyfriend Air"?

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There are some days when you feel uhhhhmazing, and others when you’re just not lookin’ your best.

But I guess TikTokers have noticed a certain pattern to those bad skin, bad face, and bad hair days, and according to them it’s caused by #BoyfriendAir!

Yes, #BoyfriendAir has over 37 million views on TikTok.

The “boyfriend air” theory is simple. It stipulates that people tend to look worse after spending time with their boyfriends — perhaps due to something in the air… I think it’s probably because of makeout sessions but when you scroll the videos the before and afters are LOL!

Blush is gone, mascara is gone, eyeliner is non-existent… it’s crazy!

These women go to their boyfriend’s house with a full face of makeup but after being there for a few hours it just melts off their face. Or it evaporates off their face from their “boyfriend air”.

HAHA! I love the internet!

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