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If You Have Trouble Focusing, Try These Helpful Tips!

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Sometimes we all just have trouble focusing! Especially with easy distractions like social media and influences around us.

Some psychologist who's studied people's interaction with computers for more than two decades shared her go-to strategies for maintaining her attention span.

She named three tactics that should help:

Imagining your future self – An example is imagining how your future self will feel if the work project with an important deadline is delayed! Be specific when you envision the consequences. Detailed visualizations makes it easier to change behavior. Maybe think about how it would also feel when you finish a task!

Creating blocks of free time during the day - Negative space should be time to "replenish your attentional resources" that's separate from but supportive of your main goals. So take a break to recuperate. To lengthen and strengthen her attention span, you might use that time to take a walk!

Learning your own rhythm of attention - This is interesting because supposedly people tend to experience an optimal state of focus around 11 a.m. and mid-afternoon! Though there are individual differences of course. The optimal state is when the brain is capable of tackling the hardest, most creative work. So you're suppose to set aside that time for the most challenging tasks. As your mental resources start to decline, you should take a break!

Will you try some of these?

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