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Would You Get In A Car That Didn't Have A Driver??

SUV Car driving forest road - clipping path included

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So, I never thought I’d see the day but I guess we are here! Have you heard about these Waymo Cars? They’ve been operating in Phoenix and San Francisco…

It’s essentially public rides with no driver in the vehicle!

And guess what…Waymo is coming to LA in the coming months!

Los Angeles will be Waymo’s next ride-hailing city, as they expand to more locations.

Their target LA neighborhoods will be…Downtown, Miracle Mile, Koreatown, Santa Monica, Westwood and West Hollywood to name a few.

So, is this something you’d want to jump into when meeting up with friends at The Forum, or hop in when taking the kids to Dodger Stadium?

I don’t know if I’m quite ready for all this!!

This company claims that their autonomous driving technology

outperforms even highly attentive human drivers at avoiding fatal crash scenarios!

Do you trust it???

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