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Dating Just Got A Lot Easier And It Doesn't Involve A Dating App!


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Okay, so this might be a genius idea or it might be borderline stalkerish…so let’s discuss.

I read an article the other day about how most women are ditching Bumble, Tinder and most dating apps and just using Instagram’s location tags to find potential dates.

This is how it works… let’s say you love to go to the Bungalow in Long Beach, you would go to that location tag on IG and see who else has tagged it and then start liking their photos, slide into their DMs etc.

In the article the woman was messaged because some guy stumbled across her image. He messaged her telling her she was beautiful and asking her out.

It was the first time she’s been approached in such a way. She had a great first date!

All they had in common…is they had been them to the same spot and tagged it on Instagram!

It’s worth a shot!

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