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It Was A Rough Weekend For Ribs!

We all watched last Thursday night as Justin Herbert clearly finished the game in pain.

He suffered a fracture to his rib cartilage during that game against Kansas City and they’re taking it day-to-day according to coach Brandon Staley.

He says we'll know a lot more about practice and stuff like that on Wednesday.

The Chargers do have a few extra days to rest and regroup thanks to playing on Thursday in Week 2. Their next game is at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday. But if Justin has to sit this one out…Chase Daniel is his back up.

But this is why I say it was a rough weekend for ribs…Post Malone was performing on tour in St Louis and fell through a trap door on stage.

He was in the middle of “Circles” when he went down a hole. He explained on Instagram that the guitar stand drops down during the acoustic part of the show. He didn’t see it, and fell into it…and suffered bruised ribs! He says he’ll be fine, and the tour will continue.

He left with medics for about 15 minutes backstage and then came back and finished the show… just like Herbert would do!

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