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Have You Seen Those Giant 'Barbie Jeeps' Cruising Around Orange County?

Beautiful Newport Beach Sunset under the Palm Trees

Photo: Getty Images

Everyone is talking about these giant pink barbie-looking jeeps cruising around The OC. They literally look like the barbie jeep I always wanted as a kid, but these are just a little bigger to fit adults!

Well, they’re called Mokes…and I’m dying to make a trip out to Newport just to rent one of these!

They actually have a bunch a different colors to choose from but the hot pink ones seem to be the favorite!

These MOKES are all electric and street legal with a top speed of 25 mph and a driving distance of 40 miles with each charge.

Something so cute to do this weekend and soak up this amazing weather we will finally have!

Look up Newport Mokes if you wanna rent one!

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