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Have You Considered Destination Dating?!

If you feel like your local dating pool is contaminated, consider going on a destination date.

This involves dating while on vacation or actually meeting someone on the other side of the planet.

Research showed that 90% of women would love for a man to give them the option of traveling for a first date, and 84% of men said women they asked to go on destination dates said yes.

Not only does destination dating give you a chance to explore new terrain, but you both experience a place outside your comfort zone!

I don’t know about doing this for the FIRST DATE??? I’m not that adventurous…

Michael and I went on a destination date to Miami about a month into knowing each other. Right away we saw how one another handle stressful situations when our flight was delayed and we missed our connection and had to stay overnight somewhere. I think it made us stronger as a couple!

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