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Forbes Announced Their Top Creators List And It's Very Interesting!

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So, Forbes announced their first-ever Top Creators List. It’s a ranking of the 50 highest-earning, most influential accounts across TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch and other social platforms.

Today’s creator economy is worth an estimated $100 billion and counting, and these stand-out creators are poised to be some of the most significant business leaders of our time.

Jimmy Donaldson a.k.a Mr. Beast holds the #1 Spot earning over $54M last year with a total of 162M followers. He’s 24 years old…lives in Kansas and does stunts like spending 50 hours buried alive or attempting starvation for 30 days. Those stunts are well worth it when they net $54 million a year. He is the 5th most popular YouTube channel in terms of subscribers…and launched a virtual restaurant called Mr Beast Burger which has over 1000 “locations”.

We all know TikTok star Charli D'Amelio…she’s at #2. She’s got a following of 145 million…her sister Dixie has 57 million followers. Forbes’ talks about how they turned their TikTok fame into a billionaire-backed personal brand that hinges on their personal lives. Dixie made big news this weekend when she shaved her head. They combined to make about $28 million last year.

#3 is Alexandra Cooper…she has 3.6M followers and made about $20M last year talking about sex—her own, as well as that of friends and celebrities. And it’s made her into a multimillionaire. Cooper started her podcast, “Call Her Daddy,” with her former roommate Sofia Franklyn and they signed a massive deal with Barstool Sports.

That’s the Top 3…also on the list…our friend Tinx…who apparently made $11 million last year…and Remi Bader…we had her on to talk fashion…she made about a million bucks last year.

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