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What Is Pocketing? And Are You Being Pocketed?

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So, we’ve discussed “soft-launching”, when people subtly share their partner on social media without revealing information about them, but have you heard of pocketing?

Pocketing is when a person hides their partner from the world, keeping them in their metaphorical pocket. Whether it's not posting their significant other on social media or refusing to let them meet their family, a person who is pocketing will do their best to hide their relationship status from everyone, friends, co-workers and family!

I’ve been a victim of pocketing! This guy in college didn’t want me to meet anyone close to him. Almost like he was ashamed of me! It was awful and I felt so insecure!

You can tell if your partner is pocketing you if you’ve been dating for a minute and haven’t met anyone from their life or if they don’t tell you stories from their childhood ,and open up, etc…

Some do it with bad intent but if a person is coming out of a bad relationship and is afraid of a new one failing, they may hide the new one from the world until they feel secure enough to do so.

Keep in mind, this is different from benching and breadcrumbing:

BENCHING is when you’re being kept on hold as a back-up plan. They only invest time in you if they have no better options.

BREADCRUMBING is when they lead you on with messages and flirting but have no interest in actually dating you.

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