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Stop What You're Doing And Remember This Day… Exposed Thongs Are Back!

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I honestly wasn’t sure about bringing this up…but I keep seeing this look everywhere and I believe it’s time we discuss!

How do we feel about exposed thongs?

How do we feel about leather pants?

How do we feel about exposed thongs with leather pants?

Well according to supermodel Bella Hadid…they are in and now everyone is following suit!

Out in New York City the other day, Bella wore an outfit that firmly reinforces the idea that Y2K fashion is back to haunt us.

She wore a long-sleeve crop top with cutouts… that I’m okay with …but it was the low-rise wide-leg leather pants, and an exposed thong that I just can’t!

It’s like the early 2000s are knocking at our door and I swore this look would never return!

Look, when you look like Bella Hadid… you can wear whatever you want and it’ll look great. I definitely loved the exposed thong look when I was 18 but no chance I’ll rock this look now. But to each their own!

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