Gen Z Has Claimed This Hair Color Is "Cheugy"

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Oh, Gen Z. They loooove to grind the rest of our gears when it comes to trends that are "in" or "out" and this latest one is sooo ridiculous that I just can't even handle it!

Remember, Gen Z were the ones who said side-parting your hair and wearing skinny jeans is a NO-NO. Most recently, they disapprove of AirPods... and claimed that cord headphones are very IN. And this latest one is a whole new level of LOL... they are now declaring that blond hair is outdated and darker shades are in.

TikTokers have taken to the platform to proclaim that blonde hair is “cheugy” and being an “expensive brunette” is now the only way to go. The term “cheugy,” remember means untrendy or unstylish, and generally kind of something an older person would do, thinking it was on trend.

Gen Z could have a point about blond hair being less trending, though... A-listers such as Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber have ditched their bright blondes and gone a bit darker in recent months!

I totally agree that hair color trends come and go... but to completely rule out blond hair is a little silly and ridiculous, Gen Z!! Plus, we all lighten our hair in the summer and go a bit darker in the fall - that's part of just a yearly cycle. Of course, Gen Z is saying part of the reason bright blond hair is now claimed to be "cheugy" is because it is high maintenance and the Gen Z lifestyle is all about being a bit more low maintenance.

SO I GET IT but also, cheugy or not, blonde hair is never going away. So simmer down, Gen Z!

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