Some Of The Best Moments From Harry Styles at The Forum

63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards – Telecast

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If you're in LA, there's a chance you either went to see Harry Styles this weekend, or you know someone who went to see Harry Styles this weekend.

Harry played The Forum last Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and it was seriously incredible I went on Friday night and what a SHOW! I had seen him several years ago at The Greek Theater, but this tour in the arena was sooo much bigger and Harry has totally evolved as a performer.

The night I went, he was wearing an all black, all sequin ensemble. On Wednesday night he wore green velvet pants and a green velvet embroidered vest. On Saturday night he work lighter green pants and a shaggy black vest. Basically what I'm saying is, his tour outfits are ALWAYS on point.

And this weekend, all of the stars came out to see him! Friday night alone, Lizzo, BTS and SZA were also in attendance with me! I was sitting right across from Lizzo and she was dancing the whole show! Harry even through sunflower at her!

Saturday night, Halsey, John Mayer and Chris Martin were all said to be there!

And in true Harry fashion, he stopped down the show briefly for a major moment on Friday to help a fan, Juliette, “come out”. I cried! It was so special!

And on Saturday night he shouted out his therapist for being in the audience, calling it the "most LA" thing that would ever come out of his mouth. And he wasn't wrong!

If I had to use one word to describe his show... it’s “MAGICAL”! His stage was in the center of the arena, with long catwalks on either side of it so he could run back and forth and truly connect with the ENTIRE crowd.

He is a remarkable performer and worked every inch of that stage! Can't wait until the next time we get to see him again!

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