Twinning With Sisanie is BACK!

It's my second week back at work and WOW does it feel so good to be back in the groove of things.

And not only am I back on the morning show - but my PODCAST, Twinning With Sisanie is back weekly!

The podcast used to focus entirely on life as a twin mom, including the occasional appearance by my husband Michael who could share his side as a dad to twins - but now that we also have baby girl, Siveya, in our lives, I'm also sharing my experience as a mom to a singleton for the first time. And let me tell you, there are all kinds of differences between caring for the twins as newborns and caring for Siveya as a newborn. Though of course, I'm also raising 3 year old twins while experiencing my first singleton baby, so that's an entirely different experience as well.

On the most recent episode, which came out Friday, was my first one back and we covered the entire hospital experience and birth story with Siveya. You can actually hear the audio from the moment she was born, but beware, if you're a parent, it might make you emotional! It was such an overwhelming feeling of joy and relief to have her in the world.

I so look forward to catching up with everyone more both on the morning show and on the podcast, and if you have a question you want me to answer, shoot me a DM on Instagram!!

Check out the latest episode of Twinning with Sisanie here:

And get more from Sisanie here!

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