Incredible Things Happened During The LA And NY Marathons This Weekend

LA Marathon Returns After Pandemic Delay

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Both the LA Marathon and New York Marathon took place this past Sunday and I cannot even handle all the coverage of it! Finishing a marathon must be such an emotional experience... I’ve only done half marathons and I sobbed like a little baby when I finished. I can't imagine DOUBLE that!

So then let me tell you this... imagine getting 200 meters from the finish line and collapsing! That happened to a runner in the NY Marathon, but two complete strangers picked him up [and] made sure he crossed the finish line.

That’s Humanity right there! Those people could have kept going in order to get their best time... but instead they decided to help someone else in need out. Because at the end of the day, all we have are each other!

Here in LA, you may have seen firefighter Rudy Marin proposed to his girlfriend during the LA Marathon...

Rudy has participated in the L.A. Marathon for years and each year he runs it in all his gear and holding an American flag to raise money for the California Fire Foundation. That’s 75 lbs of gear! This year, add a ring to that load of gear that he ran withl

To make this story EVEN better, KTLA was actually in on the proposal and set it up to where him and his now fiancé were being interviewed during the marathon about the foundation and that’s when he got on one knee popped the question live on air. I mean, it's one thing to get proposed to during a marathon, and it's entirely another to be proposed to on live TV during a marathon!

I love hearing all the sweet stories of people finishing the marathon - so if you ran the marathon, send me photos or tag me in your pics so I can see them!

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Photo: Getty Images

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