What I Was Up To During Maternity Leave

In case you missed it - I have been on maternity leave since mid August!

My husband Michael and I are now parents of THREE, and baby Siveya Luz arrived on August 17th at 3:39 in the morning and while the labor was LONG (more on that later) we are so in love with Siveya and she is such a perfect addition to our now family of five.

Aiza and Maxon are the sweetest older sister and brother, though I think they were a little apprehensive when we first brought her home.

They were excited, but I don't know if they expected her to be sooo small and unable to play with them right away. But the longer we have been home, the more and more they want to help me with her, share their toys and sit with her and let me tell you... it's adorable.

We've been spending most of our time at home with the kids and other family who have come by to help and spend time with the kids, but Michael and I have also been able to sneak away for a few hours at a time - including a CHARGERS GAME! And if you know us, you know how exciting the first one was!

Siveya has yet to make her Charger's game debut (being that she is only 3 months old and all) - but we finally did take Aiza and Maxon to their first once since they were babies!

We took them on Halloween day... and let's just say we did NOT miss the chance to dress up in a family costume. Michael and I were dressed as referees, we dressed Aiza as a Chargers cheerleader and Maxon as a player. And let me just say, it was ADORABLE.

Maxon was more into the game than Aiza was, but overall we had a fun day before trick-or-treating that night.

One other family event we did this fall so far was taking the kids to the pumpkin patch! This year the twins were climbing on the bouncy slide and loving EVERY moment of it. It's so fun watching them get older and a little more adventurous in situations like those - plus, it wears them out!

They also rode the train, took photos and pet animals in the petting zoo.

The twins started gymnastics this year, Aiza is now in dance class, and between ALL of this, we've got a 3 month old baby girl at home!

So you could definitely say maternity leave was hectic. But it's so good to be back on the air and waking up with you all! As of right now, that was definitely my last maternity leave... I think. Probably. I guess we will see!!

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