People Are Losing It Over This Mac and Cheese Ice Cream

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If you've ever been eating ice cream and thought, "I really wish this tasted like macaroni and cheese right now," then this is a story for you.

There is now mac and cheese ice cream that is SO good, it's hard to get your hands on!

At first people were offended by the idea of it. But then when they actually had the chance to try it... they found it was pretty good!

The limited-edition flavor was created in celebration of National Mac and Cheese Day by Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream and hit stores over the last week.

And it turns out, mac and cheese ice cream is a HIT. And the ice cream sold out nearly everywhere, including the Van Leeuwen website itself.

The companies aimed to create a flavor that combined "two of the most iconic comfort foods" and I think it's safe to say they succeeded.

The ice cream is sold for $12 a pint on the Van Leeuwen website - where it is currently sold out - but the ice cream is also gluten free! So those of you who can't eat gluten, you can still indulge in this version of macaroni and cheese!

The ice cream was such a hit, that the ice cream brand's site actually crashed when people were first trying to buy it after its release.

The release of the ice cream has me wondering about other unconventional flavors of ice cream that I would be up for... maybe a BBQ sauce ice cream? Or... hear me out here... an elote flavored ice cream?! I swear it would be so good! The pieces of sweet corn mixed in, the cotija cheese, a little spice.

This sounds incredible right?! Or maybe this is just my pregnancy brain...?

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Photo: Getty Images

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