Queer Eye's Tan France Shares Excitement For Becoming A Dad

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Making the decision to grow your family with children is one of the most exciting things I have ever done in my life. In fact, so exciting, that my husband Michael and I chose to do it again after having twins, and I am due in August with baby number 3!

But making that decision is not quick and easy for some people, for same sex couples, they have to find someone to either be a donor, a surrogate, or both! And that is why Tan France from Netflix's Queer Eye opened up about the excitement he and his husband Rob France have over expanding their family via surrogate.

Tan chatted with PEOPLE about becoming a dad and it warmed my heart so much!!

Tan says he has always known he wanted to be a dad, but the road to becoming a dad was not simple. In fact, he called it "quite a laborious process" but revealed that he and Rob found both a donor and gestational surrogate who they love.

While they knew quickly that they would like to welcome a child via surrogate, he did want to make sure they liked the person carrying their child - and for good reason!

"The person that we have carrying our baby is somebody that is wonderful, and we know that she will take care of our baby beautifully," he says. "We see it as, kind of, she's a nanny for our baby before our baby is born, and she's incredible."

He shared: "We really wanted to make sure that the person that we were working with was kind and was going to have the kind of traits that we were looking for in the world [and] that we look for in each other."

As for how this will change his life, don't worry, Tan wrapped up filming the latest season of Queer Eye with the rest of the Fab 5 in Austin, Texas, and yes he told his cast mates and friends before announcing the news to the world.

Congratulations to Tan and Rob!!! I am so excited for you to joint he parenthood club!

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