Extreme Travel Expected Across SoCal This Memorial Day Weekend


If you haven't left yet for your Memorial Day Weekend travel, I would highly suggest doing so, ASAP.

AAA says that this year, the travel by car in SoCal will be up 64% compared to last year - which to be fair, was way down from years prior due to the coronavirus pandemic. But 64% up from last year's travel is still MAJOR.

And it's not only car traffic that is up, TSA told people flying in and out of LAX should expect a lot of crowds and long lines getting through baggage check and security.

The biggest advice for travelers this weekend: be patient. Lines will be long and traffic may be heavy, bit the best way to get to your destination (mostly) on time is to be patient.

Travelers can expect wait times at airports and traffic generally to be higher throughout the summer due to the pandemic coming to a hault (thank you, vaccines!) but this weekend is definitely the kick off for heavy travel.

Of course, if you're going to be traveling, remember that we are still in a pandemic, even as restrictions are lifted and things return more to normal. Masks will still be required when flying, and you will likely want to travel with parties who are also fully vaccinated in order to stay extra safe.

I am one of those 2.8 million SoCal residents out traveling this weekend - I will be driving to a wedding in Palm Springs and back! And WOW does it feel good to be going out and traveling a bit again.

If you're headed somewhere this weekend, where are you off to? And if you aren't, where are you hoping to visit this summer?!

Let me know by leaving me a Yap in the widget below!

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