Disneyland Is Opening Up To Non-California Residents Soon!

Disneyland 50th Anniversary Celebration

The most magical place on Earth is about to get even more magical - because it's welcoming back guests from outside of California for the first time since closing down when the pandemic began back in March 2020.

Here's what to know:

Yesterday, it was announced that Disneyland would welcome non-California residents back to the part starting June 15th.

Despite the state of California starting to ease mask restrictions at that time for fully vaccinated people, all visitors to the park will still be required to wear a mask after that date until further notice, regardless of vaccinations status.

The park is also opening their reservation system up to allow for booking up to 120 days in advance, which will allow for out of state guests to coordinate travel, hotels, etc.

I am very excited for Disney fans outside of California. I just went with my family and we had the BEST time, and the lower capacity of the park made the trip really worth it. So, hopefully for those big Disney fans who haven't been able to come to the park in over a year, they will be able to get the magical experience that we did.

And don't forget: Disney's California Adventure is opening up the Avengers Campus on June 4th! There is going to be so many new attractions, food stops, and refreshments to explore when the rest of the country is allowed back at Disney in June.

Though the Avengers Campus was not yet open when my husband and our three year old twins went to the park, I did recap our trip on my podcast, Twinning with Sisanie!

Some rides are still closed due to COVID, and there are certain things to be aware of - honestly, make sure you plan out when you are going to eat so you can order ahead of time! - but overall the experience was amazing. And of course you have to wear your masks within the park still, but it wasn't a big deal!

Happy Disney-ing!

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