Moderna Says Vaccine Is 100% Safe For Kids 12 To 18


It seems that every day we find out more and more news that signals a return to "normal" as protection during this pandemic increases.

A few weeks ago, we found that the Pfizer vaccine was effective, safe and approved for use on kids over age 12. Now, Moderna has also confirmed that their vaccine is effective and safe for kids.

The Moderna vaccine news was just announced today, and this is great news for parents and kids alike, and could signal a full, and comfortable, return to school for those who have still been out of school for over a year.

Moderna's vaccine trial included over 3,500 kids ages 12-18 and there were no "significant safety concerns" found throughout the trial - which obviously is fantastic news.

Earlier this month, kids ages 12 and over were able to start getting vaccinated due to Pfizer being available for them, but this will speed up vaccinations for kids those ages. So if you are a parent and are ready for your child to be vaccinated, it will be come more and more available!

Pfizer is also currently doing vaccine trials on kids as young as 2 years old - and they are expected to make those vaccines available for kids 2-11 in September.

As a mom of 3 year olds, this is exciting so that they can stay safe as they start going to school, but of course... there are always concerns! I will spend a lot of time looking into the vaccine's safety for young kids before jumping in the car to get them their shots.

How do my other fellow moms feel?!

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