Kylie Jenner Shared The Cutest Video Of Daughter Stormi Snowboarding

Premiere Of Netflix's "Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly" - Arrivals

Premiere Of Netflix's "Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly" - Arrivals

Kylie Jenner made all of our holiday "breaks" a little more adorable over the weekend when she shared a video of her daughter Stormi Webster, who turns 3 on February 1st, snowboarding.

Not only is Stormi seriously snowboarding... but she's pretty good!!! And as a mom with kids just a couple months younger than her, I'm definitely impressed.

Kylie and Stormi were on the slopes in Aspen, Colorado where they seemed to have been vacationing with most of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. In the video, you can hear Kylie cheering on her daughter as she snowboards down a small hill and then successfully stops.

Watch the sweet mother/daughter moment here:

Kylie captioned the cute video "my little pro!!!"

Kylie's sister Khloe commented on the video: "She is such a rock star!!!! Go Stormi go!!!!"

And Kylie's friend Hailey Bieber wrote: "Too precious for this world😭" which I think we can all agree with.

This actually isn't the first time Kylie has shared videos of Stormi learning to snowboard, either! Kylie also shared videos back in December 2019 of Stormi - then 22 months old - trying out snowboarding for the first time.

So now I'm thinking it might be time to get my kids into snow sports! We haven't tackled that feat just yet, but over the summer my husband Michael did start to teach Aiza and Maxon how to skateboard, which is similar to snowboarding! So maybe we will just stick with that for now.

At what age did you start teaching your kids things like snowboarding, skiing and skateboarding? Bikes always seem to come first but there's so much more they can do at a young age, too!

Maybe this year will be the year... as long as I can make sure they're wearing all the right protective gear.

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