New Year's Resolutions You Can Make That Have Nothing To Do With Weight

High Temperatures As Spain Allows Walking And Outdoor Exercise

High Temperatures As Spain Allows Walking And Outdoor Exercise

When New Year's Eve rolls around, it tends to feel like EVERYONE has made the resolution to lose weight, right? Right.

And I get it! The New Year is a great time to refocus on health and fitness. But if this year you're looking for something a liiiittle different for your resolutions - and trust me, a lot of us are focusing on things a bit bigger than just our weight - then these alternatives might be for you!

Improve your sleep schedule - this one could take some work if you're a night person who also has to get up early for work during the week, but getting into a regular sleep schedule can be a game changer! One hack for getting onto a better sleep schedule is sleeping without your phone in the room and getting an old fashioned alarm clock to wake you up in the morning.

Get more organized - this one could be for your home or just generally for your life. If it's your home, watch videos and read up about the best ways to de-clutter and organize your space (especially if you're in a small space!) If you need to generally organize your life, research the best planners for your needs and go from there.

Read more - you probably have a list of books that you keep adding to when someone mentions a new good one they really like, right? Right. Make a goal of 6 books (that's only one every other month!) or whatever number makes sense to you, and set out to do it!

Learn to cook new things - this is simple, get yourself a recipe book full of things that sound good and start with going through it one by one. Maybe you have certain dietary restrictions or just want to know how to cook some basics better!

Go easier on yourself - I think it's safe to say we're all really hard on ourselves. This year, make a resolution to notice when you're being extra hard on yourself and then change your self talk. Instead of being upset with yourself when you make a mistake, notice what went wrong and resolve to fix it next time. Boom.

What is your non-weight-related New Year's resolution this year?

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