The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Is So '2020'

2020 Christmas Tree Delivered To Rockefeller Center For Holiday Season

It really wouldn't be 2020 if something wasn't at least a little messed up about the most iconic Christmas Tree in the US... right? Right.

As many of you probably saw, the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree was brought in and put up over the last several days and... people have thoughts.

The tree was selected and brought in from Oneota, New York - which required a two day drive to get to New York City. And, as it is 2020 and this year has been messy, to say the least, once the tree was put up and posed for some photos, people certainly had their thoughts about it.

Here is the tree before it was cut down and brought to the city:

And here is the tree when it arrived in NYC:

While people took a lot of jabs at the tree, for somewhat obvious reasons, the tree itself (or the person who runs the Rockefeller Center Instagram, anyway) made a good point with their fight back after being so ridiculed: "you all must look great after a two day drive."

The tree isn't even decorated yet! So really we should cut it some slack... I'm SURE they will make it look just like every other tree, every other year. And if nothing else, it is a hilarious bright spot in a year that was so tumultuous and challenging for so many. Laugh a little, it's ok!

FYI, there will sadly be no public access to the tree lighting ceremony this year due to health and safety precautions and to keep people from crowding together during the pandemic. HOWEVER, if you live in NYC or not, we can still watch the famous tree lighting ceremony! The live national broadcast Christmas in Rockefeller Center will be broadcast at home on NBC. The tree lighting ceremony will take place on December 2nd, so get your plans in place to watch from home!

And hey, Rockefeller Center Tree, I think you look great, in a very 2020 way!

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Photo: Getty Images

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