This Grocery Store Offers Insurance For Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Above view of passing food during Thanksgiving dinner.

Have you been worried about making plans for Thanksgiving, or worried about cooking your very first Thanksgiving dinner on your own this year? I get it, it's pretty stressful to do for the first time (or to do for a large group of people at all!)

But this year, Whole Foods is coming to the rescue in case of a serious Thanksgiving dinner mishap.

Being that a LOT of people are not gathering with their usual family groups this year, many people will be attempting to cook their meal for the first time, which means there is bound to be some accidents in the kitchen.

SOOOO, that's why Whole Foods teamed up with Progressive insurance to make sure your Thanksgiving meal go as planned with the Thanksgiving Turkey Protection Plan.

It's exactly what you think:

In case you commit any "bird blunders" this year, you'll be able to file a claim with the "insurance" and receive a $35 Whole Foods gift card. As we anticipate smaller Thanksgiving gatherings and first-time cooks tackling turkey preparation this year, the Thanksgiving Turkey Protection Plan allows customers the freedom of culinary exploration, knowing all is not lost should their cooking go astray.

To take advantage of the plan, customers must purchase a Whole Foods-branded turkey for pick-up or delivery between November 11-22. Which means you can start picking up those turkeys NOW through this Sunday!

If your bird turns out disastrous—or just not as you planned—you can log onto to get details on how to submit the claim.

And let's face it, we've all had a Thanksgiving dinner mishap! I remember one year my sister-in-law was trying to make garlic mashed potatoes and put WAY too much garlic in them... we kept trying to add more potatoes but it didn’t help and then we were left with a TON of way-to-garlicy mashed potatoes!

Leave me a Yap with YOUR Thanksgiving dinner cooking mishap and we may play them back on air!

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