Here's How Jill Biden Could Make History Come January


Regardless of your political affiliation, there is something pretty cool that could be happening for the first time ever come January, thanks to Jill Biden.

When Jill's husband, President-Elect Joe Biden becomes President of the United States in January 2021, Jill will, naturally, become the First Lady. And when Jill becomes the First Lady, there is a chance she will become the FIRST First Lady to continue working outside of the White House.

Remember... she is a college English professor with a doctorate in education, and apparently has said that she hopes to continue teaching after her husband enters the White House.

In the eight years she spent as second lady, when her husband was vice president to Barack Obama, Jill continued working as a full-time English professor at a community college in Northern Virginia. During her husband's campaign for president she said she would like to continue working at the school and teaching during his presidency as well.

Now that she and Joe (and Kamala and Doug) are headed to the White House, no one from the Biden team nor Jill herself have confirmed if she really will keep teaching during the next four years or not. She did take time off from teaching this year in order to help her husband campaign for the presidency, so it's hard to say. And imagine the secret service who would be involved in her classroom should she continue teaching... It's possible they would be very distracting around campus and during her class, but who knows!

To be honest, I'm alllll here for a working First Lady! It's also been clear that Jill is very dedicated as a teacher and to her students, so I would love to see her get to continue to do that while also being involved in the White House!

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