Apparently Cow-Hugging Is The Latest Wellness Trend To Get On Board With



Believe me, I was just as taken aback as you probably are right now when I say cow-hugging is the latest wellness trend we should be getting on board with.

But the experts have spoken! And cow-hugging is very, very in. And apparently good for you! So here's what it is:

The cow-hugging wellness trend comes out of the Netherlands. It is known as "koe knuffelen" in Dutch, and is based around the healing properties of being close to animals, specifically cows. This isn't just a quick hug of a cow and you're good to go, though. For the wellness benefits, you typically rest on and hug cows for several hours, in order to take advantage of the animals’ warm body temperature, slower heartbeat, and large size, according to PEOPLE.

Farms in Switzerland and even here in the US have started to pick up on the trend, but one farm owner in the Netherlands says she has been doing this for FOURTEEN years!

Now you may be wondering if this only benefits us as humans? Actually, research shows that the hours-long hugs can benefit the animals as well.

A study from back in 2007 says being rubbed, massaged or pet helps cows relax!

If you are scared of the idea of being that close to such a large wild animal, it's worth noting that cows are known for being calm and non-threatening animals. But of course I wouldn't recommend walking up to any wild cow and wrapping your arms around them... make sure you go to a farm that offers the practice! And have an educated farmer or cow caretaker guide you.

I'm not sure I'm on board with this just yet, but if anyone has done this, I want to hear ALL ABOUT IT!

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